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Our collaboration with the Robert Koch Institute

The Robert Koch Institute and Data4Life are working together to drive a digital transformation in public health.

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Health at a glance: Central functions of the RKI

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) is a German federal institute subordinate to the Federal Ministry of Health.

It is the Federal Government’s central institution in the field of disease surveillance and action-oriented biomedical research.

The institute's main tasks include the detection, prevention, and containment of diseases, in particular, infectious diseases. In this respect, the RKI serves as an early warning system for public health. It also plays an advisory role for the federal ministries, providing recommendations on health policy decisions based on scientific data.

The RKI pools data from all over Germany to obtain an overall picture and observe any developments that require further research. The institute is therefore one of the important players in the field of public health within Germany.

Public health – what is it actually?

​​Public health is an interdisciplinary field that deals with the health of an entire population. Its goals include preventing diseases, promoting good health, and improving quality of life. Public health comprises numerous subfields such as health research, social medicine, and epidemiology, but is also closely tied to ethics, economics, and politics.

Data4Life and the RKI combine expertises

The objective of our collaboration with the RKI is to advance health research by providing secure digital technologies, be it through innovative research projects or the development and analysis of existing and new data sources.

As part of our long-term collaboration, we support the RKI with data engineering expertise in the areas of data platforms, data analysis, and data security.

As a federal institute within the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG), the RKI has extensive experience in the collection and processing of health-related data as well as interpreting it for use in the public health sector.

Together we’re working towards a world where public health is digitalized and offers a greater value to society.

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