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We make data ready for research to build a healthier world.

Nonprofit. Digital. Secure.

Welcome to Data4Life


We are nonprofit!

Founded by the Hasso-Plattner-Foundation all our activities exclusively and directly pursue philanthropic goals.

For us, that means:

  • Digitize public health

  • Accelerate personalized medicine

  • Staying purpose-driven and nonprofit

About Data4Life

We are digitizing health research.

Step counts in the smartwatch, sleep paterns tracked per app, vital signs monitored by a doctor - every day more and more health data is being generated as we go about our daily lives. But the potential of this data is not being fully utilized. We're here to change that. Together with our partners, we're working to make health data ready for research.

In doing so, we can play a significant part in improving the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases. For the benefit of all.

Data4Life in action

Data is secure with us.

As a nonprofit organization, we handle health data ethically, compliant and responsibly. Data needs to be comprehensive, digital, and secure. We work with renowned partners to make data interoperably accessible for research.

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Our solutions at a glance

Join us on the Researcher-Journey

D4L Collect, the Data2Evidence platform (from D4L Integrate & D4L Analyze) and the metadata management tool D4L FAIR offer optimized software solutions for the digital collection, integration and analysis of health data. They improve interoperability and provide standardized data for global research.

Sensor Data Collection Platform for the digital implementation of studies in the healthcare sector. Data from sensors, wearables or questionnaires can be integrated and harmonized into a standardized data set.

A Health Data Management Solution for integrating clinical data from separate systems to create an interoperable data set in the standardized, OMOP-based Common Data Model.


Real-time research workflow optimization tool for creating custom cohorts, seamless real-time analysis and versatile visualization of results. Specially designed for working with real-world data.


Metadata management tool for the reuse of research data. It makes data findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable according to the FAIR principles for transparency and optimal collaboration.

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D2E Data2Evidence - New Explainvideo

Our new video about Data2Evidence manages to showcase the potential of our innovative software platform in just over a minute.

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Data4Life at DMEA 2024

Data4Life presents itself as a partner of DMEA - Connecting Digital Health in Berlin

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Digital female health study FeMFit

The study is a first step to find out to what extent linking digital questionnaires with wearable data enables valid digital data collection on the menstrual cycle.

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Our evidence-based knowledge

Public Health

On average, people in the 21st century live far longer and healthier lives than our ancestors centuries or even millennia ago. This isn’t due only to the development of new diagnostic and treatment options. Significant improvements have also resulted and continue to result from the entirety of measures taken by society to prevent disease and improve health. All these together form the field known as “public health”.

Understanding and strengthening the immune system

The immune system is the body’s defense against harmful substances and infections. It keeps us healthy and protects us from foreign invaders like viruses, bacteria, and other microbes. In this article, we break down the basic functions of immunity, explaining how it works and what you can do to strengthen your own immune system.

Herd immunity, vaccination, and digital solutions

Vaccines have revolutionized global health, eradicating major diseases and saving countless lives. In this article, we shed light on how exactly vaccines prepare the immune system and protect the body from a disease. We also discuss the concept of herd immunity and its relevance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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