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We make data ready for research to build a healthier world.

Nonprofit. Digital. Secure.

Welcome to Data4Life

We digitalize health research.

Step counts in a smartwatch, sleep patterns tracked per app, vital signs monitored by a doctor – every day more and more health data is being generated as we go about our daily lives. But the potential of this data is not being fully utilized. We're here to change that. Together with our partners, we're working to make health data ready for research.

In doing so, we can play a significant part in improving the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases. For the benefit of all.

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What do we mean by ready for research?
Data needs to be comprehensive, digital, and secure.

We work with renowned partners to make data available to research in a standardized, interoperable format.

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We are nonprofit.

As a nonprofit organization, we give our all to make sure health data benefits the whole community. For us, that means:

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Previous partners

We work with leading experts in science and research from throughout the world.

Latest news

A milestone for Smart4Health

Madeira's public health service SESARAM cooperates with the prototype of a pan-European electronic health record: Smart4Health

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Metadata Exchange Platform (MEx)

Data4Life is working to make research even more efficient. With the help of the newly developed digital platform MEx, scientists will be able to easily find and access pre-existing research data. 

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Digital female health study FeMFit

The study is a first step to find out to what extent linking digital questionnaires with wearable data enables valid digital data collection on the menstrual cycle.

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