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DGPM expands CRONOS study in cooperation with Data4Life

CRONOS+ researches the mental health of pregnant women with COVID-19 as part of the multi-centric CRONOS registry study.

Data4Life survey shows willingness to donate health data to research increases with COVID-19 pandemic

Donating health data to (medical) research remains a sensitive issue during the current COVID-19 pandemic, but willingness to donate is increasing, especially when done securely and to combat COVID-19. Data4Life, the nonprofit organization financed by the Hasso Plattner Foundation, recently conducted a survey of 5,002 people in Germany. The results show that almost two thirds (65%) of all respondents are open to donating their health data (pulse rate, fever, pre-existing illnesses) and movement data (location, distance measurements) to COVID-19 research.

Corona app “CovApp” is now available as open source software

Universitätsmedizin Berlin release the CovApp source code for international use, making processes more efficient. The Charité and Data4Life are releasing the underlying source code to help as many people as possible deal with COVID-19, support healthcare professionals in developing more efficient processes, and relieve medical staff. This enables other medical facilities to use the web application in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

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