We build solutions to enable better detection, prevention and treatment of diseases.

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We develop

We're developing two secure platforms - one for all humans and one for the medical research community. Together, these two platforms aim to facilitate medical research insights vital to the personalized health spectrum. By delivering these to individuals, we strive to improve quality of life and health for everyone.

We believe

We believe technology, data and science are the essential means to make a true impact on global health. But they need to be thoughtfully managed, ethical, and not-for-profit with the individual's best interest in mind. It is our aspiration to change global health for the better and enable everyone everywhere to live a healthier life.

We are

We are a nonprofit organization, funded by the Hasso Plattner Foundation and originated at the Hasso Plattner Institute Potsdam. The Hasso Plattner Foundation engages as a private foundation in philanthropic work with a focus on education and health. This allows us to act independently and purpose-oriented, connect stakeholders, contribute to medical research and change global health for the better.

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We improve global health with digital solutions

  • An initiative by the
    Hasso Plattner Foundation

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