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Key information about CovApp

A simple online test for quick and easy help deciding the appropriate course of action.

Who developed CovApp?

CovApp was developed by Data4Life in cooperation with the Charité and was supported by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG), and the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA). The goal of this joint initiative was to help people assess their own symptoms and decide the appropriate measures to take. Data4Life was a major contributor to the project until June 2021.

The quick and easy online test asked questions about medically relevant symptoms and underlying medical conditions. Whenever you decided to visit an examination center afterwards, you could bring your test results with you to have your important medical information on hand. This helped hospitals and examination centers use resources efficiently and effectively, making them available for the people who needed them most.

Who could use the CovApp?

There’s a wide range of potential symptoms for a coronavirus infection. Many symptoms are similar to those of other respiratory infections like the seasonal flu, e.g. dry cough and fever.

The CovApp online test was developed in cooperation with Charité and determined the likelihood that someone was infected with the coronavirus. It helped people decide the appropriate measures to take and if you should get tested by a doctor.

What did the CovApp determine?

The online test asked about symptoms and risk factors associated with a coronavirus infection. The results told you in a clear and simple way if a coronavirus infection was suspected and if you should visit an examination center. The online test took about 3 minutes.

You can find more information about test factors and symptoms below.

The CovApp was available in multiple languages

We supported the international community in the fight against COVID-19 by offering CovApp in different languages. Each translation of the app included region-specific information on contacting healthcare providers and local authorities. People in countries worldwide could access CovApp and get help deciding the appropriate measures to take during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What did the test results mean?

The results of the CovApp helped you decide the appropriate course of action based on your individual situation. The online test asked about symptoms of respiratory illnesses, potential contact with confirmed cases, and known risk factors, e.g. chronic illnesses or smoking.

The online test not only helped you with decision-making, but also provided concrete information on what your results mean for your everyday life. By asking about your age and living situation, it could recommend better ways to deal with the current situation.

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