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Female health

There are a number of differences between the sexes when it comes to healthcare. Individual health can vary significantly from one woman to another. The "Female Health" section therefore focuses entirely on women's health. This also includes the field of "Femtech". Whether it's family planning, contraception or cycle monitoring, new technology is helping women in the 21st century better understand their bodies.

Femtech in everyday life

Female health: a review of cycle-tracking apps

  • Digital health
  • Female health

When it comes to period tracking, the modern woman stopped relying on pen and paper a long time ago. Smartphones have become an all-rounder with helpful tools and apps.

At the heart of health

The Data4Life Journal

We all want to be healthy. Digitalization of the healthcare system can play a significant role in helping us live healthier lives. The Data4Life Journal brings you current developments, new solutions, and visionary projects in the field of digital health. Our authors provide information, ask questions, and encourage you to discover the future of health from different perspectives.

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