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1 in 3 people are at risk of a severe case of COVID-19. Be prepared and start tracking your health now.

Mental Health

Mental health describes a person's psychological or emotional well-being. The transition from health to illness is often gradual. Mental diseases are common. They can occur once, recur, or persist. A person's lifestyle and genes heavily influence the disease onset and course of the disease. Since there is a large number of treatment options today, early diagnosis is crucial.
A geriatric doctor talks about coronavirus and the elderly

Facing life-threatening illness in old age

  • Coronavirus
  • Mental Health

Even though people over 70 have experienced a lot in life, old age can come with many new challenges. This interview offers insights on what the coronavirus pandemic is like for the elderly.

Ways to deal with social isolation for children and adolescents

Young and lonely

  • Mental Health

Children and adolescents are not immune to loneliness. It can be either a symptom or a trigger for other issues. In this article, Data4Life sheds light on what to look out for and what can help.

At the heart of health

The Data4Life Journal

We all want to be healthy. Digitalization of the healthcare system can play a significant role in helping us live healthier lives. The Data4Life Journal brings you current developments, new solutions, and visionary projects in the field of digital health. Our authors provide information, ask questions, and encourage you to discover the future of health from different perspectives.

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