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Data donation

Every single person should have the opportunity to donate their data and contribute to the healing of diseases. Donating health data generated by smartwatches or collected at doctor's visits can help researchers draw conclusions about diseases and develop better treatments. These articles discuss the future of data donation, ethical aspects to be considered, and primary actors in the field.
Making a difference with data

Data donation: better health and quality of life for all

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X-rays, laboratory findings and fitness tracking: a multitude of personal health data can help to cure diseases. The concept of data donation shows how this is possible.

At the heart of health

The Data4Life Journal

We all want to be healthy. Digitization of the healthcare system can play a significant role in helping us live healthier lives. The Data4Life Journal brings you current developments, new solutions, and visionary projects in the field of digital health. Our authors provide information, ask questions, and encourage you to discover the future of health from different perspectives.

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