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Coronavirus: Track your symptoms with the Data4Life app

Keep a record of symptoms commonly experienced by people with COVID-19 using our in-app symptom tracker. Be fully prepared for when you need it.

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A complete record of your symptoms

With our symptom tracker in the Data4Life app, you can record your symptoms anytime and anywhere. It’s an effective and organized way to routinely document the status of your health.

The symptom tracker works by asking questions about aches and pains, fever, and other common symptoms experienced by people with COVID-19. You can show your complete symptom history to a doctor whenever needed. Many people can still get coronavirus, so update your symptoms regularly and always be prepared.

  • Only 1 minute per day
  • Just a few simple questions
  • Data is encrypted and private
  • Easy to show your doctor
  • Create an account in 3 steps

COVID-19: Long-term symptoms

Worried about long-term symptoms? We’ve optimized the Data4Life symptom tracker to cover potential long-term effects of COVID-19.

It’s easy to forget symptoms you had throughout the year, so document your health on a regular basis and show your doctor if necessary. Tracking your symptoms can give you some peace of mind and even help COVID-19 research.

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Developed in cooperation

The symptom tracker was developed in cooperation with Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin to supplement CovApp, the online questionnaire that helped people with potential symptoms of COVID-19 decide the appropriate measures to take.

Your symptom history when you need it

A day-by-day breakdown of your symptoms can help you take better care of yourself and be prepared for a possible visit to the doctor. Your personal symptom report in the symptom tracker is always accessible in the Data4Life app and will continue to be available for future reference.

Update your symptoms regularly

It’s important to record your symptoms as often as possible and incorporate it in your daily routine. Self-reporting is an effective way to document your health. The more often you use the symptom tracker, the more helpful and accurate your personal symptom report will be when you need it.

Show your doctor

Documenting your symptoms can be for more than just personal reference. If you decide to visit a doctor or hospital at some point during the COVID-19 pandemic, you can show your complete symptom history to a trusted medical professional and provide all of your information.

Data security

Your privacy matters to us, and we go to great lengths to make sure you always have complete control of your personal health data.

When creating an account in the Data4Life app, you’ll notice we take several steps to maximize the security of your data. We’ll ask you to confirm your email address and verify a phone number. Please keep in mind each of these steps is designed to safeguard your sensitive health data.

Data4Life is certified by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) as ISO 27001 compliant on the basis of “IT-Grundschutz.” We’re committed to meeting the highest standards of security.

Start tracking your symptoms now

The symptom tracker in the Data4Life app can help you keep track of your health during the COVID-19 pandemic and regularly document your current situation for future reference. You can also show your complete symptom history to a doctor whenever needed.

Open the symptom tracker in the Data4Life app and start documenting your symptoms.

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German opinion: Donate data to fight COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has truly reminded us how much our health and quality of life depends on medical research. Understanding a threat like coronavirus disease is essential to improving treatment and evaluating preventive measures like a vaccine.

In a survey from April 20–April 30 2020, Data4Life asked 5,002 people in Germany if they would donate personal health data to help research coronavirus disease. An analysis of the results offers new insights on how public opinion varies throughout Germany among people from different regions and backgrounds.

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Need help with the symptom tracker?

Visit our help center for detailed information on creating an account, getting started, and troubleshooting. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have about using the Data4Life app.

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Is the symptom tracker a medical device?

A digital solution for documenting symptoms is not a medical device.

From a legal perspective, the symptom tracker is not classified as a medical device.

Data4Life sought advice on this matter from D+B Rechtsanwälte, a law firm specializing in healthcare law. As Dr. Ulrich Grau, a partner at the firm, explains: “The classification of a product as a medical device depends to a large extent on whether the manufacturer intends for the product to be used for one or more specific medical purposes. In the case of health apps, the following medical purposes are particularly relevant: diagnosis, prevention, monitoring, treatment, and alleviation of disease.”

Exclusively documentation and data storage.

The symptom tracker is not intended for medical purposes. The product was not developed to help diagnose, monitor, or treat diseases. On the contrary, the sole purpose of entering day-to-day health information, according to Data4Life, is to document and store this information. Data4Life also expressly refers to this in the presentation and promotion of the symptom tracker.

As Dr. Ulrich Grau points out: “Digital solutions that the manufacturer intends to be used purely for documenting and storing data – as is the case with the symptom tracker developed by Data4Life – are not medical devices, since documentation and data storage are not medical purposes.”

Symptoms are not analyzed, evaluated, or monitored.

Besides the fact that it is not intended for medical purposes, the symptom tracker is also not classified as a medical device because the data entered by the user is not influenced in any way. The symptom tracker doesn’t analyze, evaluate, or monitor symptoms entered by the user. It simply documents and stores the data.

The symptom tracker is the modern digital alternative to a conventional health diary.

Status: 18.05.2020

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