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We are Data4Life

One vision, one team and a single clear mission to make a difference together. Get to know us!

The Data4Life team

Over 100 experts working together towards one vision.

Data4Life, where people of all professions are working together to achieve one goal: improving health research. 

Medical, Science & Research

Doctors and scientists conduct studies and provide us with medical expertise.

Compliance, Data Protection & Legal

Legal and privacy professionals ensure sensitive health data stays secure and private. 

Development & Engineering

Programmers and UX designers create and shape our digital world.

Marketing, Design & Communications

Strategists and creatives are responsible for spreading the word about what we do.

User Research & Customer Care

Analysts and specialists find solutions in every situation and identify where we can improve.

Business Development & Operations

Managers, IT specialists, and financial advisers keep the company growing and running on a daily basis.

People & Organization

HR managers discover talent and ensure the best possible working atmosphere.

Working at Data4Life

Find out what it means to be part of our team.

Want to join our team? View our job openings now. 

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We care about digital health.