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Act now against the crises of tomorrow

Every health question you answer helps us better prepare for future pandemics and climate events.

DAKI Health is a digital study conducted by Data4Life as part of DAKI-FWS, a research project sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK).
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Let’s develop an early warning system together

By participating in DAKI Health, you can help us identify pandemics and climate events at an earlier stage.

1. You answer a few simple questions about your health

Just 2 minutes per week in the Data4Life app.

2. Our research partners analyze your answers

Together with climate and mobility data.

3. Data-driven insights help us prepare for future crises

Early warning. Rapid response. Protection for all.

Help protect others from pandemics
and climate events. Act now!

Study details

Digital study
DAKI Health

Adults (18+ years old)

October 2022 - October 2024

Browser, internet access

Full study information
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Ethics approval
Ethics committee of the Berlin Chamber of Physicians

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the DAKI Health study?

DAKI Health is a digital study conducted by Data4Life helping to detect pandemic outbreaks and climate events at an early stage as part of the DAKI-FWS research project, which is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK).

What is the goal of the DAKI Health study?

Data4Life is conducting the DAKI Health study to collect health data including symptoms, risk contacts, and coronavirus tests from the German population for a period of two years.

As part of the DAKI-FWS research project, all health data collected will be combined with weather and mobility data from our research partners and contribute to the development of an early warning system for crises.  

Analysis of this data can help define better measures for improving the health of the population and strengthening the economic sector in Germany.

Who can participate in the study?

The DAKI Health study is open to anyone residing in Germany over the age of 18. 

For meaningful results, we need a good representation of the entire population. More participants means better findings – every answer counts.

Why do I need an account?

With a Data4Life account, you can easily participate in the study from different devices and securely manage your health data. 

All study data is encrypted in your account and only transmitted with end-to-end encryption.

Who is organizing the study?

The DAKI Health study is conducted by Data4Life in cooperation with the DAKI-FWS project partners. 

Lead physician of the study is PD Dr. Cornelius Remschmidt, Chief Medical Officer at Data4Life.

How can I participate in the study?

The participation in the study is purely digital. All you have to do is answer a few simple health questions. You can do so using your smartphone, tablet, or computer. There are no physical requirements or appointments.

Create a Data4Life account to get started.

What questions will be asked?

DAKI Health questions address your general health, current symptoms of illness, possible coronavirus infections, and coronavirus tests

How much time does it take?

The initial questionnaire contains a total of 25 questions. It takes no more than 8 minutes to answer. 

You will then be asked a few follow-up questions each week, which should only take a couple of minutes.

Will I be compensated for participating in the study?

Digital studies are a simple way to do something good and contribute to research. By participating in the DAKI Health study, you’ll help to establish an early warning system for future crises and thus make an important contribution to society. We don’t offer any monetary compensation for your participation.

What happens to my data? How secure is it?

All information in your Data4Life account is private and encrypted.

Before researchers see your answers to the DAKI Health questions, we remove all personal identifiers (e.g. name, email address, and phone number). This step, called pseudonymization, makes data useful for research without disclosing your identity.

Will I receive warnings about climate events or pandemics through the Data4Life app?

By participating in the DAKI Health study, you’re helping build an early warning system for deriving measures to protect the health of the population and strengthen the German economy. 

The Data4Life app does not, however, provide any warnings about acute threats.

In the event of a crisis situation, you can find reliable information on the channels of the German Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance.

I am not yet 18 years old. Can I still participate?

Anyone over the age of 18 can participate in the study. This is a requirement of the ethics committee of the Berlin Chamber of Physicians (Ärztekammer Berlin), and we thank you for your understanding.

If you have further questions or technical problems, please visit our help center.

With your consent, we will analyze your behavior on our website ( and our webapp ( and to improve our offering for all users. If you consent to the transmission of analysis data, click “Accept”. You can withdraw your consent at any time in the privacy policy. More info: privacy policy.


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