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Photo credit: Jens Öllerman


Bettina Michl

Bettina studied in Heidelberg, Paris, and Potsdam. In addition to completing preliminary studies in medicine, she received a Diplom in political science and business administration. Her theoretical and practical focus has been on entrepreneurship and innovation management. She initially worked at the Technologiestiftung Berlin, where she researched strategies for regional innovation. Since 2011, she has been teaching at the School of Design Thinking at the Hasso-Plattner Institute in Potsdam.

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In 2009, she founded tiefenschärfe with fellow students from the HPI and worked there as a management consultant. After 10 years as a consultant for various Dax30 companies and BMWi, she joined Data4Life in 2019 to start building up the User Research department. She has been the head of the department ever since. Bettina is passionate about teaching innovation management, social entrepreneurship, sustainability, and design thinking.


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