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Madeira's public health service SESARAM, EPERAM cooperates with EU project Smart4Health

The Public Health Service of the Autonomous Region of Madeira – SESARAM, EPERAM – has successfully completed the integration with the prototype of a pan-European digital patient record, the Smart4Health platform. As a result, all individuals registered in the SESARAM patient portal (residents and tourists) are now able to synchronize their healthcare data with the Smart4Health platform.

Data4Life supports developing an early warning system for crises with the digital study DAKI Health

DAKI-Health is a digital study that allows the German population to actively participate in the DAKI-FWS research project by donating health-related data.

Robert Koch Institute and Data4Life launched the first joint digital public health project

The metadata exchange platform MEx is a digital platform that maps metadata on research activities and research data at the RKI in a transparent way, aiming to facilitate the reuse of this data.

Combination of wearable data and digital questionnaires: FeMFit study by Data4Life opens up new paths in research on female health

In January 2022, the non-profit organization launched the digital female health study FeMFit (Feasibility study on Menstrual cycles with a Fitbit device). The FeMFit study is a first step to find out to what extent linking digital questionnaires with wearable data enables valid digital data collection on the menstrual cycle.

Robert Koch Institute and Data4Life bring digital transformation to health research

The shared objective of the cooperation is to promote digital health research by, inter alia, developing new data sources and innovative research projects. The collaboration is designed to be long-term in nature and advance digital transformation decisively in the field of public health.

DGPM expands CRONOS study in cooperation with Data4Life

CRONOS+ researches the mental health of pregnant women with COVID-19 as part of the multi-centric CRONOS registry study.

Data4Life survey shows willingness to donate health data to research increases with COVID-19 pandemic

Donating health data to (medical) research remains a sensitive issue during the current COVID-19 pandemic, but willingness to donate is increasing, especially when done securely and to combat COVID-19. Data4Life, the nonprofit organization financed by the Hasso Plattner Foundation, recently conducted a survey of 5,002 people in Germany. The results show that almost two thirds (65%) of all respondents are open to donating their health data (pulse rate, fever, pre-existing illnesses) and movement data (location, distance measurements) to COVID-19 research.

Corona app “CovApp” is now available as open source software

Universitätsmedizin Berlin release the CovApp source code for international use, making processes more efficient. The Charité and Data4Life are releasing the underlying source code to help as many people as possible deal with COVID-19, support healthcare professionals in developing more efficient processes, and relieve medical staff. This enables other medical facilities to use the web application in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

Data4Life supports the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin in developing a corona app "CovApp"

The coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 continues to spread in Berlin. Uncertainty among the population is increasing, leading more and more people to seek out doctors and hospitals for testing. The university hospital in Berlin, together with the nonprofit organization Data4Life in Potsdam, has made a meaningful contribution to organizing medical care in Berlin by developing the CovApp.

Data4Life—more quality of life through the innovative integration of technology, data, and research

Data4Life applies digital technology to a health system that was barely digital in the past. By developing innovative solutions for research, health professionals, and individuals, Data4Life makes it possible to attain new medical insights.

Factsheet Data4Life

D4L data4life gGmbH ( is a nonprofit organization with over 100 employees at locations in Europe and Singapore, originating as a research project at the Hasso Plattner Institute for Digital Engineering gGmbH (under the name Gesundheitscloud) and funded by the Hasso Plattner Foundation.

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