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How effective are COVID-19 vaccines in everyday life? Help us find out!

You can bring about change.

Do your part to support research, manage your health digitally, and educate yourself on health topics with Data4Life.

Contribute to research

Your health data helps the research community gain insights on how to better prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases. Now you can take part in studies and donate health data from the comfort of your home computer or mobile device. It’s quick, easy, and secure.

Study participation

Data4Life works together with researchers to conduct studies that can have a real-life impact on healthcare. Often your contribution can be as simple as answering a few questions. Some studies ask you to track the status of your health or report the outcome of treatment you received. By sharing your experiences with researchers, you can help change healthcare for the better.

At Data4Life, we take several steps to maximize the security of your data. 

Sign up for a study now.

Manage your health

The Data4Life app is your destination for digital health. Our digital solutions make it easy for you to keep track of your health, stay organized, and get help when making important decisions.

Symptom tracker

The symptom tracker in the Data4Life app is an effective and organized way to routinely document your health. Simply answer a few quick questions in the app to keep track of potential longterm symptoms during the coronavirus pandemic.

Digital solutions

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have developed digital solutions to better understand and contain the coronavirus. These include projects such as screening services at airports and schools, and the CovApp for handling suspected infections.

Resources for diseases

People around the world are living with chronic and rare diseases. We help researchers gain new insights on these diseases, so people can learn and apply them in their daily lives.

Expand your knowledge

Learn more about health topics and examine your health behavior, so you can act with greater awareness and improve your quality of life. In the Data4Life library, you’ll find articles, insights, and advice written by our guest authors, editors, and team of doctors.

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We care about digital health.