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1 in 3 people are at risk of a severe case of COVID-19. Be prepared and start tracking your health now.

Data-driven health

Our digital solutions support the exchange of health data and contribute to health research.

The part we play
Health professionals, researchers, and people like you all play a role in the healthcare system. Each of these roles is closely linked to the movement of information. Doctors advise patients, researchers make advances in medicine, and individuals have a better understanding of their own health with more information. Data4Life develops secure and reliable solutions to help people improve their own health and quality of life.

Your health comes first
Patients are at the center of the system—all health data revolves around people like you. New and increasing amounts of personal health data are essential for furthering research. Data-driven insights make it possible for healthcare providers to improve detection, prevention, and treatment of illnesses. Most importantly, our digital services help people manage their own health in an easy and convenient way.

A joint effort
As a nonprofit company, our focus is on co-creating solutions with others. We need to work closely with partners in the greater health community to achieve our ambitious goals. Find out more about our projects and collaborations below.

Symptom tracker for COVID-19

Every day counts if you would like to record a complete history of your coronavirus symptoms. Your personal symptom report can help you manage your health during the COVID-19 pandemic and keep track of your current situation for future reference.

Find out more about our symptom tracker in the Data4Life app and start documenting your symptoms today.

Learn more about the symptom tracker

Group 33

Data4Life brings together science, medicine, and individuals by developing digital solutions in close cooperation with our partners. At any point in time, we’re working on a number of exciting projects.

Here you can see what we’ve recently implemented and how we apply digital solutions in real-life situations.

Learn more about our projects

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We care about digital health.

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