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At Data4Life, we’re working to unlock the full potential of health data.

Enabling researchers

Our digital solutions are designed to help the research community gain new medical findings faster. Find out how you can benefit from our research platform and create an enhanced user experience for study participants.

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Research platform

With the Data4Life research platform, view real-time insights, manage studies, and invite participants digitally.

Access to new data

Data4Life is working to increase interoperability and provide access to new, high-quality health data.

Enhanced user experience

We can help optimize the user flow of studies, making it more engaging and enjoyable for your study participants.

Empowering individuals & families

Create a Data4Life account to participate in digital studies, use our symptom tracker, or read articles on popular health topics. 

Study participation

Data4Life works closely with researchers on a number of important studies. Find out what you can do to support health research. 

Symptom tracker

Learn more about our symptom tracker and how you can keep track of potential long-term symptoms during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Data4Life Journal

Our editorial staff and team of medical doctors provide news, insights, and advice to help you better understand your own health. 

Supporting healthcare providers

  • Simplify and speed up processes with digital solutions
  • Tailor our open-source software to fit your needs
  • Add Data4Life widgets and Iframes to your website

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We care about digital health.